The Christian Public Servant – “be covet-less and shine His love”

August 11, 2016 – Thursday

Exodus 20:17(a)(c) [NIV] You shall not covet … anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Matthew 22:39 [NIV] Love your neighbor as yourself.

Got a phone call from a friend last night. She was rejected for a higher-paying promotion in her organization. She applied for it, but the first cut was made by a computer-search for key words on the resume – words that my friend did not use. And now because the person getting this “coveted” position is new, my friend is part of a team to familiarize him with the organization.

And so the conversation last night centered on the fact that the world is not fair.

Well, is your world fair? Does it seem like everyone, but you, gets the higher-paid positions? And it’s your task to train them? Get along with them? Are you angry and resentful? Are you irritated when they keep asking questions? I bet you want to shout, “You got the job. You should know how to do it!”

It’s understandable to harbor those feelings. As I told my friend last night, life is not always fair. But as a Christian public servant, you know God’s plans are not always your plans. And maybe the new person is in a dark place searching for light.

So you know what He expects of you. Right? He expects you not to covet what does not belong to you — and that promotion never did belong to you. And He expects you to love your neighbor – and that includes the new associate who just took that position you wanted.

So at work today, don’t treat that new person like a thief for he did not steal anything belonging to you. Help him around. Don’t be irritated when asked the same question in the umpteenth way. Remember God expects you to be covet-less and shine His love.

The world is not fair. But calm down. Everything else – including where He needs you – will work out. Only first, you need to be covet-less and shine His love today at work. Period.

Father, give me an open mind when I get passed over for a promotion. Help me be a good neighbor and Your shining light to the new person. Let me be Your ambassador in this dark world called the workplace. In Your Son’s name, I pray. Amen.

John F. Long, Jr., ETC,USCG,RET.
Nomenclature Manager

U.S. Coast Guard
Baltimore, Maryland USA

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