The Christian Public Servant – “with intentional words”

October 17, 2016 – Monday

Psalms 19:14 [NLT] Let the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing in Your eyes, O Lord, my Rock and the One Who saves me.

There is an art to legislative writing. On a small level, I see the careful efforts of our City Clerk and City Attorney as they draft legislation for our City Council meetings. Ultimately, they want to avoid presenting vague or unenforceable language in the various ordinances that are presented to the Council to vote on. So, the language must be clear with intentional words.

Speaking deliberately is important to many public sector jobs. What you say bears weight with people. Yet, as a Christian public servant, how often do you apply that principle to your walk with God as you serve others in the workplace? And how often do you pray with intentional words?

Life is quite hectic – and so is the job – I know mine is. There is always plenty to keep us busy and distracted. Sometimes that translates into my prayer life. In fact, sometimes I pray for the sake of praying rather than for the sake of seeking His intervention.

What about you?

Today at work, I want to be intentional with my communication with God. I want to speak and pray with intentional words. I want Him to know His direction is crucial to my life and my work-life.

I want Him to be the center of my workday. Don’t you want the same?

So today, as this workweek begins, speak and pray with intentional words.

Savior, I lead my efforts today for Your kingdom. Let me be a light to my colleagues and the public. Grant me wisdom in my speech. Anoint my countenance that I glorify You. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Courtney Christian, M.A.
City Administrator
City of Leesville
Leesville, Louisiana, USA

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