The Christian Public Servant – “the best food”

December 9, 2016 – Friday

John 4:34(b) [NKJV] My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.

I like good food. We don’t get a lot of it, but sometimes we do.

When my friend visits me, he stops at the vending machines near the visitation yard and buys me hamburgers, spicy chicken wings, bar-b-que rib sandwiches, and my favorite, several slices of strawberry cheesecake. And for Thanksgiving last month, all the brothers were blessed with an awesome meal of turkey and dressing with onions and bell peppers. And last Sunday, we were each blessed with a half of chicken!

Yes, I like good food. And lately I’ve been blessed with some really good food.

But the best food comes not from vending machines or the prison’s kitchen. It comes from ministering to a brother who once called me a fake Christian. It comes when I minister to my family – especially after the murder of my cousin. Even more of the best food comes from ministering to correctional officers who have to work on weekends and holidays.

You see, the best food comes from doing His will. It comes from doing His work in your work.

Today before you go to work, you will probably eat breakfast. At lunch time, you might go to a restaurant or eat in the break room. Just remember, that good food you eat will nourish your body, but you can use that meal to gain the best food. Talk to that loved-one at your breakfast table. Strike up a conversation over the good food at lunch. Listen to the person next to you at the vending machines this afternoon.

For it is the best food that nourishes your soul and the souls around you.

So at work today, seek the best food. And you will never go hungry again!

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray. Thank You for all the good food You have blessed me with these past weeks. But thank You for the best food You bless me with each day – the kind of food that helps me carry out Your will. And my soul is forever satisfied. Amen.

Jimmy Davis, Jr.
Z-557 Unit N-10
Death Row
Holman Correctional Facility
Atmore, Alabama USA

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