The Christian Public Servant – “like spring rain and sunshine”

January 25, 2017 – Wednesday

Proverbs 16: 14-15 [MSG] An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; you’re smart to steer clear of someone like that. Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they’re like spring rain and sunshine.

Have you ever had a leader who was pushy, insensitive or often downright angry?

This type of personality may be good in the short term to motivate others to “get the job done,” but ultimately it can wreak havoc. Leaders like this tend to destroy unity and vision since their way is always “right” – and if you don’t agree, well, “there’s the door.”

Then there’s the leader who is good tempered, even keeled. He is a breath of fresh air and an anchor of stability to all those around. The office seems brighter because she encourages others to a higher standard and does all she can to help everyone succeed. The leader still holds you and me accountable, but he or she still invigorates through accountability. Yes, a good leader leads well.

Which type of leader do you have right now? Or, if you are the leader, what type of leader are you each workday?

As a Christian public servant – whether workplace leader or workplace follower – a renewal of attitude is needed every day. Be good tempered and, like spring rain and sunshine, help others grow in job and career.

Today, invigorate those with whom you work and serve. Lead or follow well. Be like spring rain and sunshine. Yes, invigorate!

Lord Jesus, please help me reach for the higher goal of serving others before serving self – just like You did! Just like You do! In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Ronald Wilson
Development Review Coordinator
Franklin County
Town of Rocky Mount, Virginia USA

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