October 6 – Jimmy Davis, Jr. Birthday

Jimmy Davis, Jr.8



As conversations begin to re-start The Christian Public Servant, I ask that you consider sending a birthday card to Jimmy Davis, Jr. His birthday is October 6. Jimmy will be 48 years old.

Below is the information as to how to send that card.

Sending to Jimmy Davis, Jr.

Keep in mind, your letter is opened, inspected, read – and only then approved — by a correctional officer in the prison mailroom. Approval (and forwarding to Jimmy) is subject to interpretation by the particular correctional officer on duty. If your letter/card is not approved, it will be destroyed without you or Jimmy knowing about it. The same is true if you send him a gift.

Below are conservative instructions for writing to Jimmy Davis, Jr. Please follow them completely with an eye to each detail.

(1) In the upper-left hand corner of the envelope: place your FULL NAME and COMPLETE ADDRESS. (You may use any address — your home, your work, or your church — which ever makes you feel comfortable. But it must be a street address — not a P.O box number.) He will not get your letter/card if this information is not included.

(2) Make sure you write precisely Jimmy’s name, z-number, unit-number and address on the envelope. He will not get your letter/card if any information is incorrect or omitted. Below is what should be on your envelope:

Jimmy Davis, Jr.
Z-557 Unit N-10
Holman Correctional Facility
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503-3700
USA  if you are writing from another country, naturally include “USA”

(3) No gifts can be included in the envelope. (Not that Jimmy would, but inmates can reshape items into weapons. Hence, AL DOC does not permit objects made of plastic or wood or metal.) A cardboard bible marker is OK. But anything made of plastic, wood or metal will result in the letter being rejected and destroyed – without you or Jimmy ever knowing it. Another possible gift, if you are looking for a gift, would be a book of stamps included in your card.

(4) Sending a gift is always difficult – for reasons that the gift may be rejected as a “potential weapon” through the interpretation of the DOC official opening the gift. (Knowing Jimmy is a Miami Hurricane fan, I tried to send him a Miami pennant for his birthday, and it was rejected.) The best bet is a book – but the PAPERBACK book and it must be sent directly from the publisher or a third entity (like amazon.) Jimmy does like to read!

(4) STAMPS. This is not a DOC requirement. But Alabama inmates must purchase stamps, and most cannot afford it. So Alabama prison culture encourages the writer to include 2 stamps – one possibly to respond to you and the other possibly for the inmate to write to his family. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT and JIMMY CERTAINLY WILL NOT BE BLESSED ANY LESS BY CARDS/LETTERS THAT DO NOT CONTAIN TWO STAMPS. (And, if you write from outside the USA, do not even bother with enclosing stamps because Jimmy will not be able to use other-country stamps to write back.) And, fyi, each Friday when I send Jimmy the week’s devotionals, I usually include a book of stamps – with permission from the chaplain. I am reasonably sure that, if you are led, a book of stamps included in your letter will be accepted – and that would also be a nice Birthday or Christmas gift.

That’s about it. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at jslack0229@live.com. Thank you for all that you do in His name!

Pax Christi, Jim Slack.